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The TechTalk event, created by, will unite proactive JS developers in mastering their skills

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At TechTalk, by, you will meet experienced JS developers, discuss the latest technology news, and take your professional skills to a new level. You will enjoy presentations by the three eminent invited speakers. Ask the most difficult questions, share your knowledge, meet people as passionate about JavaScript as you are − and join our community! Entry is free, but registration is required to allow us to make appropriate arrangements for the event. We’re looking forward to meeting you at TechTalk!

  • Format

    There will be three presentations by JS experts, and a Q&A session with each one of them.

  • Audience

    This event is for intermediate and senior levels JS developers who want to increase knowledge of JS technology and are ready to discuss the most tricky cases with their more experienced colleagues.

  • Goal

    To create a perfect environment for knowledge-sharing for experienced JS developers.


  • Sergii Miroshnikov

    Isomorphic React ⎯ Cook it right

    Sergii Miroshnikov |Kharkiv |JS Developer

    SSR applications are the past, future, and present of web development. Facebook did a lot of changes in React v16 to improve server-side rendering; nevertheless, lots of devs still avoid using the approach, so the talk is going to prove that SSR React is easy to cook.

  • Mihail Borzenko

    MongoDB Validation: Fear and Loathing

    Mihail Borzenko |Kharkiv |JS Developer

    Let’s talk about MongoDB data validation by: Application logic, Object Document Mapper, and native MongoDB tools. We’ll discuss all pros and cons of each approach. The author will share his experience of solving non-trivial problems with validation.

  • Serhii Chervonyi

    How to stop being afraid of decorators?

    Serhii Chervonyi |Dnipro |JS Developer

    Decorators are a new feature of TypeScript and used throughout the Angular code, but they’re nothing to be scared of. With decorators, we can configure and customize our classes at design time. There’s also an official TC39 proposal, currently at Stage 2, so expect decorators to become a core language feature soon in JavaScript as well. Let’s find out how to write your own and what issues it could resolve.


1st Speaker:
Sergii Miroshnikov
Coffee break
2nd Speaker:
Mihail Borzenko
3rd Speaker:
Serhii Chervonyi

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