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The TechTalk event, created by, will unite proactive JS developers in mastering their skills

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At TechTalk, by, you will meet experienced JS developers, discuss the latest technology news, and take your professional skills to a new level. You will enjoy presentations by the three eminent invited speakers. Ask the most difficult questions, share your knowledge, meet people as passionate about JavaScript as you are − and join our community! Entry is free, but registration is required to allow us to make appropriate arrangements for the event. We’re looking forward to meeting you at TechTalk!

  • Format

    There will be three presentations by JS experts, and a Q&A session with each one of them.

  • Audience

    This event is for intermediate and senior levels JS developers who want to increase knowledge of JS technology and are ready to discuss the most tricky cases with their more experienced colleagues.

  • Goal

    To create a perfect environment for knowledge-sharing for experienced JS developers.


  • Artem Zakharchenko

    How to build cross-functional teams

    Artem Zakharchenko

    Namecheap |Kharkiv |Team Lead

    Reasons and background of building cross-functional teams within the company.

  • Nickolay Lototskiy

    TypeScript in Node.js application. Silver bullet, or one more overhead?

    Nickolay Lototskiy |Kharkiv | Technology Expert

    The subject under discussion is the usage of typescript as a language for development node application. We discuss the pros and cons of using strong OOP language in Node.js application. We discuss how we can avoid common mistakes and use the power of OOD.

  • Nir Kaufman

    Redux and Angular - State management in practice

    Nir Kaufman

    500Tech |Tel Aviv |Google Developer Expert, Head of Angular Development

    State management is a crucial part of building a modern web application. Redux is a popular state management library that rules the modern front end these days. In this session, we will learn how to use Redux with Angular to achieve a predictable state container that scales to large and complex apps.


1st Speaker:
Artem Z.
Coffee break
2nd Speaker:
Nick L.
3rd Speaker:
Nir K.
Beer party

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